Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Froggy

We have had tons of frogs around our house this spring, and Mikayla seems to spot them everytime.  A few weeks ago she got to hold a tiny frog at a friend's birthday party.  Ever since, if she sees a frog she gets as close as she can to it and giggles hysterically.  One evening, we found a huge frog.  She got really close to it again, and this time, she wanted to hold "big froggy."  Brian picked it up, and she inched closer and closer to Brian and the frog, excited to hold it, and unsure at the same time.  I think her face says it all!

  She finally decided that she did want to hold it...
And then changed her mind as soon as the frog got close to her hand (this happened several times)...

Her curiosity won in the end, and she held "Big Froggy" for what seemed an eternity, smiling, looking at it, giggling, and repeating "Big Froggy" over and over again.

 Folks, this was weeks ago, and we still talk about "Big Froggy" almost everyday!  No frog since has quite measured up for our sweet girl!


  1. Sweet girl!!! She has grown up so much since we saw y'all! Love this post...can we get together again, soon?!

  2. I have missed you dearly in blog world....M is just as beautiful as ever! Wished I lived closer!!!!

    1. Christy, we wish you lived closer too!!!!!!!!!1

    2. Agreed..totally wish you were closer Christy!

  3. I so love how you captured every single moment during this adventure. What a brave little girl you have there. :)